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Record for one Scout completely whipped clean! Help

The other day, I noticed there was a problem with one of the Scout accounts in my troop. In Scoutbook it was 100% fine. But when I tried to add his camping night in IA, there was a note that his record that he was in the process of switching troops. He Was not…I checked with his mom. Totally weird. I reported it to my District who said they were going to look in to it.

Flash forward to today: his Scoutbook account IS BLANK. NO RANKS. NO MERIT BADGES


This was the screenshot from the other day. His account in Scoutbook was fine

Here is his Scoutbook account today!!! NOTHING

He’s been in our troop for 4 years!!!

I’ll send you a private message to collect some info. Watch for a notification on the R in the upper right corner. It sounds like a duplicate account for created somehow.

I had this same issue with a scout. It is a result of multiple accounts. Scoutbook sees one of them, and Internet Advancement sees the other. It looks like your council took the incorrect approach to fixing this. I.e., they chose the account that Internet Advancement sees - which has nothing recorded against it. Instead, they should have chosen the Scoutbook linked account, and then corrected the BSA IDs.

When I had this issue, I made sure to tell the council not to make this mistake, because I could see in Internet Advancement that the advancement was empty. (I also took the precaution of exporting all of the scout’s advancement records before I even let the council know about the issue. If anyone else has this issue, I suggest you do the same to be able to recover from council mistakes like this.)

Same here: COL transferred a cub scout and created a new BSA ID instead of using the old one.

I had multiple issue over the years and informed our registrar, but it happened again this week.
Now council needs to switch the BSA IDs and make the old one Primary to show his history in Scoutbook again.

That is really painful.

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