2 Accounts, Different Spelled Last Names

We have a Scout in 10th grade going to Sea Base. He had to make a my.scouting account.

To make the account he spelled his him like its supposed to be with a - (hyphen) in it.

Instead of connecting to his old account, BSA ID # 13254512, it created a new account, BSA ID # 140838406.

Apparently his 13254512 his last name doesn’t have a hyphen, but it should.

Could we change his last name to match his 140838406 name and merge this into his old account?

Thank you!

Let me look

@JasonHuggins ok that is fixed -

Myst Account Setup.pdf (223.2 KB)

This will help prevent that in the future

Thank you for your help. We appreciate it.

We have another Scout, who has just 1 account, but his name is spelled correctly in my.scouting, but incorrectly in Scoutbook. His information:

SB User ID:

BSA Member ID:

Our council doesn’t understand how this is possible.

Any help would be great.


@JasonHuggins This should be fixed.

Yes, that worked. Thank you!

We have another issue that our Council cannot fix.

We have a scout we are trying to transfer from Council #612. His BSA ID # from that Council is 14301129. He was registered to Troop 62 there.

Our Council, # 082, has tried for several months and cannot transfer him. They keep getting an error message.

Any help with figuring out what’s wrong so we can transfer him would be appreciate. Trying to transfer him to Troop 1140.

Thank you!!!

@JasonHuggins The Scout is not currently registered.

Is your council Registrar unable to create BSA member IDs for the Scout and parent in the new council?

We’ve been trying since December, before it he was expired, and he wasn’t able to be transferred.

Should we just have him become a new scout in our Council and manually re-enter his information?


@JasonHuggins You shouldn’t need to re-enter anything.

As long as his name and DOB match, the automatic membership sync should find his Scoutbook account when he re-registers. If not, we can merge them.

Hi Jason @JasonHuggins,

The parent can create the youth application for their scout using BeAScout.org, if the council and the unit allow online applications. Find the unit and apply.

The first question for youth is scouting history - is this youth a current/former scout? If yes, then it asks for Member ID (with search ability), name, and birthday.

If things match up, the application will be populated with the scouts data. If it doesn’t match, then contact the previous council’s registrar to find out what data is used. Typically birthday can be wrong; also middle name may be used/blank/initial.

If all match attempts fail, create the application, get the scout into the unit and then post to the forums to have SUAC merge his/her accounts BEFORE entering any advancement or other data (partials don’t merge).

Have fun, there’s a perverse joy in getting the BSA systems to work for you. :slight_smile:

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We found an issue. His name is misspelled st his old Council. His first name should have a c where the s is to be a different spelling of that name.

Can we fix it on his 14301129 account?


@JasonHuggins Please ask your council to contact council 612’s Registrar to get the name corrected.

I think I do see an existing BSA member ID number 140771162 with that name in your council. However, it has no registrations and no parent / child “relationships” (in Registrar Tools – not Scoutbook).

Thank you! The old Council has been contacted, name corrected, and our Council is in the works to bring him over. Hopefully there won’t be any more issues.

Again, thank you for all of your help.

@JasonHuggins I have linked the Scout’s Scoutbook account to his new BSA member ID number in your council.

I think your council will probably need to fix the Scout’s name tomorrow, after the overnight membership sync runs.

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