Incomplete transfer

I am the Advancement Chair and a Troop Admin for our unit. We had a scout recently transfer from another council. Upon initial transfer in Scoutbook, he had no associated advancement records. I assumed it needed the nightly sync for his records to show up. The next day, only some of his records had populated. It’s now been over a week and no further changes have come in. I have his printed record from his previous Troop, so I can manually enter everything if really needed, but I’d prefer 1. avoiding the extra effort and 2. finding out if there’s a step missing on my or the originating Troop’s end vs a technical error. The ranks have all come through, it’s some merit badges (both partials and completed), all awards, and activity log records that are missing.

Scoutbook matches Internet Advancement.

This scout does have a current and previous BSA Member ID, which I wouldn’t be surprised to be related.

@TiffanyEschbach If you post the Scout’s BSA member number (or numbers), we can take a look.

(No names, please.)

Current ID: 140247292
Former ID: 129691582


I found 4 MIDs for this Scout. 2 in Michigan Crossroads Council and 2 in Golden Empire Council. It is critical to use the same FN, MN and LN on all registrations. In his case, one had the initials JPB while the other 3 had the initials JPMB.

I have placed all of his MIDs on his ID with the currently registered on as primary. I have merged several Scoutbook IDs into his current Scoutbook ID and set his advancements to sync later today.

Excellent, I’ll keep an eye out!

Well, now his records are a bigger mess, unfortunately.

I’m assuming that the last time he switched councils, they ran into this same issue and manually entered his records, but under different year versions. Going into the advancement page, it did show each of those duplicated with the different years, entered by different people.

Prior to the merge, he had 5 merit badges, now it’s only 3 (though 2 are duplicated). These three were included in the initial 5. His other merit badges still are missing.

Any suggestions on getting this cleaned up without doing it manually from his printed record? I certainly will if needed, but would also certainly prefer not to if there’s a better solution.

@TiffanyEschbach We have escalated the issue to the developers.

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This is a continuation of: Incomplete transfer

I’m trying to figure out what steps I should move forward with for this scout. His record is just such a mess. I was going to go in and manually correct things but I’m not sure where to even start.

As far as I can tell, these are the “wrong” things happening on his record:

  1. On his scout page, it shows duplicate rank images (screenshot in linked thread above) for Scout through First Class. Star is not duplicated.
  2. None of the rank requirements show as completed though they were previously recorded.
  3. His rank advancement pages for Scout through First Class have version selectors for “2016” and “2022-23” instead of “2016-2023” like every other scout. All of them are on “2016” (his ranks earned 2018-2020). Changing between the versions does not change the requirements displayed. Star and above show “2016-2023”.
  4. Four merit badges show 0% but have “Marked Completed,” “Leader Approved,” and “Marked Awarded” dates on the advancement overview page and within the merit badge requirements page. These are treated as if they are 0%. These have all been earned by the scout and awarded. The completed/approved dates are accurate for two of the four. The awarded dates for all four and completed/approved dates for the other two are incorrect. A fifth merit badge had the correct completed/approved dates but was correctly displaying as completed with a checkmark but without a date for awarded; I marked it awarded last month. I am not sure if it had been marked awarded under his prior unit.
  5. Two completed and awarded merit badges do not exist in his record. One partial does not exist.
  6. OA election and ordeal dates did not transfer.
  7. Activity records did not transfer.
  8. Awards did not transfer.
  9. Leadership positions did not transfer.

Some of these are easy to correct on my end. I can record his OA dates, leadership positions, and awards. I can record the entirely missing merit badge completions and partial. But I’m not sure if I should even touch the rank requirements (not really necessary but I like completeness when the records are available) or the 0% but completed merit badges or if it will break things further. The duplicate rank images is an annoyance but ultimately cosmetic so I am not concerned there. I’m mostly concerned about the merit badges since he needs some of them for rank advancement imminently.