Troop Forum in 2022

I saw a post from early 2021 that said that Troop Forums weren’t working very well.

It would be nice to have an option for the most involved people in the troop to discuss things. We have an email list for everybody but we are trying to use that once a week or so for announcements and keep the traffic low and important.

Our Troop Forum isn’t active. We also are two troops, B and G. I’m worried that there would be a forum for each troop. The troops do almost everything together and splintering the conversation into two separate areas that can’t see one another would not be great. And the message about “once you turn it on, you can’t turn it off” is a little discouraging. It means I can’t experiment and back out.

Is anybody having a positive experience with the Troop Forum?

It worked well enough. Our SPL seemed to never get access. For many others it worked well.

Since you have two troops, there would be two forums.

I’m hoping that it might be a way of involving more parents without sending a message to all parents.

I set one up for one troop. It’s unfortunate that accessing it from the web or through the app requires the user to login again.

Thank you for the reply.

@JamesDeibele - I am not sure I would want an open system without authentication of any kind. That seems a bit risky especially when we try to hold to YPT.

I think more of a true single sign on would help.

@Matt.Johnson - yes indeed. Now where i work the SSO is domain linked. So if i am on .net or .com or .org each has its SSO reqs

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