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Before I go and turn on our unit’s form, I’m hoping to hear some feedback as to how other units use it. Specifically, I have a pack, so I’d love to hear from packs, but at the same time, we might be able to use it for some items that other programs use it for.

Any insight is greatly appreciated.

For the troop, we have used it to share meeting notes and meeting plans. It has been ok. Others use other systems, but it is nice in they it is linked to the same login and has a link.

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I’ve attempted to use it in our troop to provide links to “standard reference documents” (e.g. permission forms, equipment lists, etc), but frankly we have pretty poor penetration into the unit, so it gets next to no usage anymore. We had better participation ironically when the forums were a direct part of Scoutbook. I have no idea why since other than the visual and idiosyncratic functional differences, I don’t see any meaningful access differences. Maybe it’s just coincidental timing of the move to Discourse and a change in our unit membership that made the difference.

Just having a thought here, but can districts activate a forum like the units can? Pretty sure I know the answer but doesn’t hurt to ask the question.

I believe the question was asked recently, and I thought the answer was no, at least for the moment. I’m not sure if it was a “permanent” no or a “not at this time. maybe later”.

ETA: Looks like this came up several times, but it was further back than I thought. For example:


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