Trouble viewing calendar and events

We are preparing to make the switch to scoutbook but haven’t yet. The parent who is setting it up added me as a leader - I currently manage a Google calendar and Google group and wanted to look at functionality in scout book.
Under my dashboard >administration I see my troop listed under unit.
When I click on it I see our scouts listed out and at the top right I see upcoming events and there is a campout listed there. When I click on the event it just takes me back to my dashboard where I see my unit listed.

To edit an event in the ScoutBook calendar you need to have a Position as Key 3, Committee Secretary, or Activity Chair.

@HeatherMatera - if you click on your account then click on my positions, what were you set up with ?

New Member Coordinator

@HeatherMatera - the position has not been approved by a unit admin.

Heather, it looks like a Troop Admin needs to approve your position. After your position is approved, you will see a green shield with a checkmark.

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