Trouble with Scoutbook?

I’m having trouble both getting logged in and generating reports when I finally do get logged in. It’s been happening for about the last 15 minutes. Confirmed at least 2 other people on different platforms & different locations are having the same problem. Is something going on?

Weird. I connected right away. Maybe it’s the AWS server that’s covering your area? I’m connecting to AWSWEBSBPD2C, for SUAC/IT reference.

ETA: When you are able to login, what’s the server number? It’s hiding at the bottom of the landing page under the Scoutbook logo:

If you highlight it, you can see/copy it:



It seems to be limping along now … very slow.

@AudreyReed - this is my host AWSWEBSBPD3A and no issues for me

AWSWEBSBPD3A is painfully slow this evening. I’ve had multiple updates fail because it timed out and gave me the “Webmaster has been notified” error message. Other sites are loading with no problem - including this one!

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