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Is Scoutbook down?

I can log in but can’t call up the troop data.

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I was able to log in and reach my troop data, but it was a bit slow.

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I can log in but when I click on my dashboard… It blinks to the dashboard then returns to the main screen.

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@MichelleMahler1- are you using internet explorer…if so DONT

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I’m getting a 404 error when I try to visit:

Is it down or is there something wrong with my profile?

@JeffreyMorgan2 try a private window - I got in fine normally

@JeffreyMorgan2 That url goes to Internet Advancement. Are you trying to log in there or at

I am having the same problem as MichelleMahler1. What can I try?

There are a lot of possible contributors. What browser are you using? Are you logging in to Scoutbook ( or IA2 ( Are you logging in with your my.scouting credentials, or your email address?

It’s possible you have acquired a duplicate account. Try going to My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → Switch SSO Profile and re-enter your my.scouting credentials to see if that re-links your account.

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