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We couldn't verify your logon right now (4)

Not sure what is happening, but I’m logged into Scoutbook and trying to run a report. This is the error message I keep getting. “We couldn’t verify your logon right now (4).”
This is crazy. Can you please help?

The volunteers that help users of Scoutbook are going to want to know which report you are trying to run.

This legacy forum tread (about May 2019) may apply to your situation:

Reports: We couldn’t verify your logon right now (4.2).

Log off and and try again. Let us know one way or another if you still get the error. If so try logging off and clearing your cache then log in again. I still an issue, what report are you trying to run? Do other reports work for you? What position are you in the unit? Submit a ticket to let us know the number and we will follow up

@RaquelShumway - I have logged into scoutbook with various devices and did not receive any errors on reports. The issue may well be a stale session.

I tried several different reports to see if it was just the one I wanted. The individual report would work, but anything I tried to create would not.

I logged in tonight and it ran fine. Earlier, I did try logging out and logging back in and it still didn’t like it.

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