Two Packs Assigned to Account

My account has two packs assigned to it. My son is in pack 0618 but our account also shows pack 0050. Can you delete pack 0050 from my profile?


Were you ever affiliated with Pack 50? Either way, you should be able to just add an end date to the membership listed in Pack 50.

How do I do that? No, never in pack 50, we live in Arizona and that pack looks like it’s in NC.

Go to your scout’s Memberships page in Scoutbook, select that pack, and add an end date. If it doesn’t appear there, check your memberships.

@BenjaminDavis5 do not touch the account please - it got blended with another scout - I will turn in a ticket to fix


Not sure if you tried to fix this but now I only see pack 0050 but my son Jackson is in pack 0618

@BenjaminDavis5 they are still working it

@BenjaminDavis5 this should all be fixed now

Looks like the other den has been removed but under the advancement tab, it says Den not found. We can not identify the Den you are in.

look at membership > is scout assigned to correct den?

Yeah that is issue - needs to be assigned to a den - and then approved by admin

Yes, looks to be all aligned to pack 0618 which is correct. So someone from the local pack needs to approve?

Well they need to assign to a den

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