Scout showing both not in den and in a den

Overnight there were a few scouts that showed up as not in den. When I looked into it the scouts were displaying twice on the roster, but when I reassigned them to their den they went away so it appears they merged properly. We would like to know what causes this if possible so we can prevent it in the future. I have screenshots if they would be helpful.

I am not sure if it is related but one of our leaders had a scout in her den that shouldn’t have been. She removed her connection and it removed the scout from scoutbook. How should I go about getting BSA ID 137374005 back into pack 362 without creating a duplicate account? Thank you.

It sounds like they just had 2 SB memberships for the same account - 1 in den, 1 in pack.

If that is the dropped Scout you can check my connections and see if scout is there to fix memberships

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The unconnected scout doesn’t show anymore.

On the other ones, the IDs were all the same so when I moved them into the den it merged them together and we were good to go. I didn’t handle the unconnected scout so I am not sure how to search for him since he shows up in my.scouting but not in scoutbook.

I have requested a position sync for the Scout with BSA member number 137374005.

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Sorry I was able to find him in my connections - I don’t know if it was because of what you ran or I just didn’t look in the right spot before. Looks like I resolved it in memberships by deleting the end date. Thank you for your help!

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