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Unable to Add Service Hours (Grayed Out Boxes) to Internet Advancement 2.0

I am having difficulties adding service project events to Internet Advancement 2.0. The Category and Collaborative Org cannot be selected (see attachment below). I went to the roster and tried to record the progress there too, but it is grayed out (see other attachment below). The red error bar continues to pop up, but no details is listed.

I asked the Scoutmaster and he is having the same problem as well.

I used to be able to add service project activities to Internet Advancement. However, I could not approve the project.

It sounds like other users are having the same problem as well.

This has been reported to the developers.

I am having a similar issue.
I cannot select record progress to add to scout’s campout record.
I’m assuming same situation for adding service hours and hiking logs.
It’s curious because I saw it available then I click on it added my son and when I went to add other scouts at the campout, it locked up and it’s been greyed out ever since. It’s been about a week now.
Hope it gets resolved soon.

When do we need to stop using Internet Advancement… if we are part of Scoutbook? I am in Scoutbook and when I click on adding hours, it opens Internet Advancement. What are we supposed to do as a unit?

The activity logs were permanently moved from Scoutbook to IA2 some time ago. Attempting to read the tea leaves, it appears that BSA is moving from Scoutbook to IA2, rather than the other way around. That’s based on the direction that feature sets have been moving (e.g. moving of things like logs) and my own extrapolation, rather than any recent explicit statement from BSA. There have been past statements/indications that support this interpretation, but the plans may have changed.

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