I can't enter advancements in for my Scout anymore

In Scoutbook, my son Vander Harrington, says Vander’s dad is not connected to a Scout in the Pack’s roster. My husband has never been connected on Scoutbook. It has always been me. He started a Lion & is now a Webelo. I can’t put in any advancements in for him. I do have full control to put in advancements for our whole Pack, as I am the Cubmaster. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have never had this problem before til now.

@RebeccaHarrington I will send you a direct message to get info to take a look at it - look at Avatar in top right corner to find it

I have a parent with the same issue. How do I get it fixed?


  1. Make sure the Scouts Membership is approved for the Unit
  2. go to the Scout’s profile page > click the parents name and go to the connection > click update

Those 2 things usually solve it

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