Unable to enter any activities in IA

BSA ID 12006491
I am unable to enter any activities in Internet Advancement. I am Scoutmaster and I was able to do this the last time I tried, a few months ago (more than 1, less than 7).

I can enter an activity with no one attached. If I try to “Add Person”, when I click on “Record and Finish”, absolutely nothing happens.

When I close the activity page it tells me “Are you sure you want to close this screen without saving your changes?” and if I click yes, naturally no changes are saved.

I’ve tried that with multiple different Scouts, all have the same result.

If no one at all has been added to the activity, I can save the activity. I cannot add anyone to an existing activity (this, specifically, is a problem that has existed for over a year, BTW! – specifically that I can’t add anyone to an existing activity. Per threads on this forum, it’s a site-wide problem.)

Additional info: Firefox 91.0.2, no errors in web console. Chrome Version 102.0.5005.61. Both in incognito/private browsing mode.

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Same effect in Chrome in non-incognito windows.

I just entered our summer camp in the activity logs with no problems, using Chrome 100.0.4896.88

Do you have any extensions turned on? That could cause unpredicted errrors

I have no extensions in Chrome. In Firefox, the only active extension is Lastpass.

Hrmmmm… I’m stumped at this point, but will continue investigating. Are your permissions correct in my.scouting.org? It still shows you as the Scoutmaster there?

Yep, still Scoutmaster.

It’s weird, there’s no network activity and no errors in the console.

It doesn’t matter if I go in from the Roster page or the Activities page.

Oh this is interesting.

Once I selected a Location for the campout I was able to save it with participants.

Unfortunately, Wente isn’t in the list of locations.

And even more weird, now I can add activities just like I did before. Oh well, calling this fixed. Thanks!

Nope, when I edit an activity, it says akelaCountryId must be a number.

I had to pick a location. Philmont and Wente are not listed, so I picked RLM at random because I need to get these hours in and move on.

@SatyajitPhanse You had a duplicate Scoutbook account. If you could please try again tomorrow (there is an overnight sync process that needs to run).

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Duplicate account? How curious. Thank you! I’ll try tomorrow.

It can happen for a number of reasons. I had one crop-up from when I was a scout (long before Scoutbook existed). Others have had duplicates result from a leader account being added instead of the leader role being added to the existing account. Name and email mismatches for parents when their second scout joins or when they apply to be a leader are another source.

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Somehow I completely overlooked that I can type in the Location dropdown. After typing “philmont”, it magically appears (I mean, XHR or something, but might as well be magic).

@SatyajitPhanse - magic is always the answer

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Well, sometimes “magic” is the question :joy::rofl::joy:

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