Cannot enter attendance for activities in Internet Advancement

Have been trying to enter attendance in Internet Advancement from our week at camp (for 2 weeks now) and continue to get an error when I click on the finish button. Trying to enter 15 Scouts and 4 Adults. The error message does not indicate what is wrong. Need help please… Thank you.

This is a known issue. We do not know when it will be fixed.

As a workaround until the issue is fixed, try starting on the Troop Roster page in Internet Advancement and then:

  1. Select all of the people (Scouts and adults) who attended the activity. You might need to use the filter to include Adults.
  2. Click on Record Progress.
  3. Select the activity.
  4. Then create the activity.

You could also try using the OA Eligibility Report to see if all of your Scouts have a date in the “Date Joined Scouts BSA” field. Another user reported that adding this date for all of the Scouts in that unit helped to resolved some issues she was having.


@KarenSheldon - here are my steps:

and i am up against @JenniferOlinger again…

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So the workaround did not work. When I went to create the activity I chose the existing activity that I had already put in. Should I try creating a totally new activity?

@KarenSheldon - create a new one and delete the old one.

Create new is the process that was outlined

Got it. Just created the new one, and deleted the old.

Thanks everyone!

@KarenSheldon - now that I review this process I actually like it better than adding an activity then back filling.

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@Stephen_Hornak I have nicknamed it quick entry for IA. :grin:

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@ZacharyMcCarty - that is perfect… just brilliant

Likewise! This is so much easier than having to type each participant’s name and selecting; can get cumbersome with a large attendee list.

Thanks for the tip, @JenniferOlinger !

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