Unable to install in Firefox

I followed the link to install it which takes me to a google drive link (8d. Feature Assistant Chrome Extension Installation and TOC.pdf - Google Drive) and then I click the link that says Feature Assistant for Scoutbook Add-on (linked to Feature Assistant Firefox Add-on for Scoutbook) which has a button to add to Firefox – the button links to https://dea1koavvbivi.cloudfront.net/feature_assistant_extension_for_scoutbook- which has an XML error that says Access Denied. I’m not on any corporate firewall, I’m not logged in as an employee or anything.

@TarlGordon - I get the same error so I gather that @GaryFeutz will need to take a look at the submission.

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Try it now. It looks like there was a problem with a configuration file upload during the last release. It should point to the version.


I reloaded the google doc page and followed the link and it still pointed me to 49.0.5. I edited the URL to point to 49.0.6 and that loaded and installed. So… I’m up and running, but that google page may not be up to date.

Thank you!!!

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