Unable to Mark Advancements

I’m a den leader and I can’t mark activities complete for Scouts in my den. I can do it for my son, who is also in my den, so I assume this is a permissions issue? The odd thing is that up until a couple of weeks I had no problem with updates of this nature. Anyone have any ideas?

Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 10.17.04 AM|690x226

@JasonStanley you are not a registered Den Leader - you need to talk to your unit and turn in an Adult Application

Hi @DonovanMcNeil - can I ask where you are seeing that status? This is what I see in Scoutbook:

That is Scoutbook - that is not official and you were given it during a bug I imagine - go to my.scouting.org and look at My Profile to see your registrations - or lack there of

Thanks for your help, I’m looking into it. I went through the application process, background check, training, etc., and have been a den leader for the last two years so I am not sure why it’s not reflected on my.scouting.org.

Yes - I see no registration for you at all - Search whole council for j stanley