Entire Den lost advancement progress

I have a very upset Den Leader who spent over 2 hours in a single sitting on Scoutbook last week logging his den’s advancements for the year ahead of our yearly pack advancement ceremony, only to come back and find that it all disappeared. Is there any way to recover the progress he had recorded?

@etruongcao If you could please post the Den Leader’s BSA member ID number, we can investigate. Also for a couple Scouts in the den.

(No names, please.)

Den Leader: 14420375


@etruongcao - i will add that the advancement items are supposed to be immediate recognition.

What we think happened is he somehow got on a false / test server and entered SOME data there - he needs to use URL scoutbook.scouting.org and re-enter the data - you might want to watch over their shoulder and maybe help with quick entry.

He has logged into Scoutbook 2 times in the last 30 days
Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 7.12.26 AM

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Thank you.

Is it possible to do a mass transfer of the items he had previously logged?

The Den Leader is currently out on a backpacking trip and would not be able re-enter all the advancement he had previously logged until he gets back on Sunday. In the meantime, he’s just waiting for confirmation from the families to complete their Youth Protection pamphlets at home.

If this can be accomplished within the next day or 2, it would enable our pack to generate our advancement report in order to purchase the rank patches for our advancement ceremony.

no that is not possible - a Pack admin could do the work for the leader

Is it possible to pull up logs of what he had entered into the test server so I can enter it manually?

The advancement records that he has will not be available until he returns from the wilderness on Sunday, and our advancement ceremony is on Tuesday.

The Scout Shop we source our patches from is closed on Sundays and Mondays, leaving me with Tuesday to scramble getting across town to get patches, all because of an issue in the system that destroyed the advancement records that MUST be entered in order to procure the necessary patches.

It really is unfortunate that recognition for 2nd grade kids in one of our pack’s biggest events is in jeopardy all because of strict rules on how to purchase the patches that can’t be met due to technical issues…

Well there are no restrictions on Adventures - you just walk in and buy them. These should have been going out immediately after they were earned through out the year. I can pull a history for his scout as an example if you want and you can build off that.

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@etruongcao - from the Guide to Advancement:

A Cub Scout who has completed advancement should be
congratulated immediately and publicly. And though badges
of rank should be reserved for the next pack meeting, it is
best to present items such as belt loops and pins soon after
they have been earned. If it is possible for the pack to report
and purchase these awards quickly, they could be presented
at a den meeting, rather than waiting for a pack meeting

@etruongcao I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it > it will be a green envelope > it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC)

I’m not so worried about the adventures, my concern is that we’re unable to purchase their Wolf rank patches for our big ceremony.

see below: Entire Den lost advancement progress - #12 by etruongcao

@etruongcao in the private message there is a report - no scout is done with Wolf as all are missing a required Adventure

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