Unable to message one scout on Scoutbook

He has an account, he has an email, he is the only scout on the roster whose name does NOT appear when you hit “send message” to select recipients. Honestly, it’s been that way for a while (I was forwarding everything to him, I’m his parent), but I’d like to get it fixed, as a change in employment has occurred and I will not have immediate access to email in the event of last minute changes.

woops, scouts name is G Fry, but for some reason I cannot find his member number


Everything I see says the Scout should be on the send message list. I have asked others in the SUAC to look into this as well in case I missed something.

@ShannonFry yeah it seems fine - perhaps we need a screenshare

@ShannonFry a admin needs to approve your UAC and K3D positions in SB - that should have no effect BUT

That is an odd one especially since the other are in the list. Perhaps a screenshare might be a good idea

Apparently all that needed to happen was for me to finally post about it. I was able to email every scout but him before this post, now POOF, I can email him too! Thanks!

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@ShannonFry - pure magic it is

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