Youth Scoutbook Account

I’ve got a couple of qwerky things going on with one of my son’s Scoutbook accounts.

  1. His Cub Scout History Report is not showing up any more. It did when the Troop first started using Scoutbook.

  2. His e-mail address is in his profile through, but he’s not getting the Troop e-mails, even though the rest of us are. His name doesn’t even show up as an option to send a message to.

Please help?


If you post the BSA ID number for the scout (no names, please!) the SUAC folks may be able to investigate.

SB User ID:


BSA Member ID:


@AKSeaScout when council changed he got a new MID and the PII was different - I merged the SB Users so Cub stuff should be there now. Email is on account but he has never logged into scoutbook so not sure if emails would send?

That’s awesome, thanks for the help. We will login together and see if that fixes the e-mail issue.

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