Scouts missing from SB

I logged in this morning (9/10/22) and noticed two scouts are no longer listed in our Scoutbook. I’ve seen similar posts and they have listed IDs and initials, so here are the details:

IM: 135320729
MR: 6032972

Any insight is appreciated. IM is working hard on Eagle and I have some badge work to reconcile, so any action would be great.
Thank you-

@PeterBreuch the first one looks like was left Off your recharter. The second one you did not type number correctly I think

Appreciate the update on IM. I’ll double check with that family. Will his data return when they re-register?

For MR, that’s the number I have available. I’ll look elsewhere.

Oh NSC went to the individual recharter this year is that correct? @edavignon

Yes - we sent out several reminders to families. Several.

@PeterBreuch I would start by having a K3 look at - that is official roster

They are both missing in that roster, so i bet they didn’t re-register. Thanks for being available-

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