Unable to update adventure Requirements in the Scouting Mobile APP

I am continuing the discussion from the item closed in the link below. The red scouting app is giving me the same error, as reported a year ago by someone else. as reported again 29 days ago by others.

The error message is “Unable to update adventure Requirements. Please try again later”.
Just like everybody else that has reported the issue, I have deleted and reinstalled the app. My son is assigned to a Den. I am able to submit achievements via the scoutbook website (scoutbook.scouting.org – My Dashboard → My Account → My Advancement → …etc. ) . However, I would like to get the mobile app working. The tickets continue to close before a resolution is posted. I noticed the version I downloaded was released just a few weeks ago, did an old bug get reintroduced?

One of the SUAC members (@edavignon?) posted in another thread I can’t find just now that there are significant issues with the app at the moment and developers are looking into it. The interim recommendation was to use the https://scoutbook.scouting.org website interface to review/update information until the root cause is identified and resolved.

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