Scoutbook app error "Unable to update adventure Requirements. Please try again later."

I’m trying to use the red Scoutbook Android app and I can’t submit any requirements my Tiger finishes. I get the error, “Unable to update adventure Requirements. Please try again later.”

My son is assigned to a pack and den. And I’m able to use the website for Scoutbook to advance him. I’ve also cleared the app data and even uninstalled and reinstall the app. Nothing has solved this issue so far.

How to I solve this issue?

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I have the same problem for a month now. I have seen old posts where the admin says the is was a resolved issue but mine does the same thing

I’ve had this issue for several months. I’m hoping the mods have a solution.

I don’t have a good answer to your question, but a question in return. Do you like the app? I don’t. So, I just use the web address since it has a fine mobile interface. It doesn’t work offline, but if you have cell or Wi-Fi, it works great.

The clicks needed to get to my son’s advancement section is too long and unnecessary. I prefer the app it’s faster especially for submitting advancements.

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Other than trying to delete and reinstall the app, I don’t know of any things to try.

I’ve noticed there are A LOT of negative reviews for the app right now. Is this going to be an ongoing issue? Or are there plans to try to repair it? As the first person mentioned, it is much easier to add on the go from your phone.

It does have 2 stars out of 334 reviews on the Apple App Store.

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