Unit Activity Service Log not pulling up state info

I am trying to log service hours for the youth in our troop. I have admin privileges so I should be able to add it. However, the state drop-down menu says “No Data” and the Project Details: Category and Collaborative Org menus have a red circle with a line across it when I hover over them and will not let me select anything. When I try to Record and Finish I get error popups but it contains no information other than I need to fill in the required field that can’t be filled out.

@TammyPitt - it is a known issue and has been reported to the dev team.

Ok, thanks. At least knowing the problem is a known issue is helpful. We just got the troop having things recorded in Scoutbook last month after my husband had to step up as Scoutmaster because of sudden death. I’ve been trying to see what can and can’t be tracked with the program.

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