MBC List Access

@edavignon My Assistant Scoutmasters do not have access. Am I wrong in including them in the difonition of “Unit Leaders” when applying your answer to my previous question?

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I have access (I’m an ASM). However, since I’m also a Key 3 Delegate, I’m not sure if that might be masking an issue if there has been a recent change. I was able to see it before I was a K3D, but that was several years ago now.

Are your ASM’s roles in Scoutbook marked as approved?

ASMs have access - in fact any leader has access


I just had someone test it. An ASM (not a unit Admin) does have access to the “MB Counselor List” search function in Scoutbook.

How does an adult role become marked approved?

Nevermind, I found it and approved it.


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