Unit Name Includes Additional Character

Our unit in Scoutbook appears as “Troop 888 B”. This appears in all emails and reminders as well as throughout general usage of Scoutbook. I’m getting questions on where the “B” is coming from. We’re the only Troop 888 in our Council, so there’s no reason to distinguish us from another Troop. Is this maybe an error? Is this something our Council has done? Is this a Scoutbook thing?

B = boys
G = girls
F = family (for Cub Scout packs)


National has used those designations for quiet some time now.

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Many of the linked troops share the same unit number, so B or G was added as a way to distinguish them.

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Thank you! We’ve only been using Scoutbook for about three months, so it’s the first time many of us have seen the designation.

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@NelsonBrown You should also see it at my.scouting.

@JenniferOlinger thought so also - but not in main unit dropdown

@DonovanMcNeil Mine has a red circle “B” at then end in the menu at my.scouting.


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