Why is there a 'B' next to our troop number? there is no 'G' chartered

Would it not make sense to have the default ‘B’ not show up unless a ‘G’ troop is registered under the same number?

(I serve on the committee of a ‘G’ troop, but the ‘B’ troop my son is in does not have a ‘G’ troop chartered.)

I have a “G” Troop chartered without an associated “B” Troop, so without clarification, incorrect assumptions would be made. This is just BSAs way of being clear.

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I actually think the same should go for a ‘G’ troop without a ‘B’ troop chartered. There is no need for any clarification either way. Some G troops in our area would rather just have their own number and no identifier at all.

It is easier on the servers to always show the B or G for troops. To do otherwise would require a DB search to determine if both troops exist or not. Also, in some councils duplicate unit numbers are used for unrelated units so it is not a simple as checking for another unit at the same Charter Org. A flag stored in the DB would not be accurate because every time a new unit was chartered or a expired, the DB would need to be searched for units where the flag needed to be changed.

In my council, there are no duplicate unit numbers within a program. All boy troops are 3nnn or 9nnn while all girl troops are 5nnn or 7nnn but we still see the B or G indicator.

I would rather have the system fast and accurate instead of taking the time for the system to determine if the B or G is needed.


Troop Name field would only need to be checked when a new troop is chartered and modified accordingly. That doesn’t happen very often.

It happens more often than you think. Every troop in a council would have to be checked every time a new troop is added or removed. This happens as a sync process that runs overnight along with registration changes and advancement updates from ScoutNET. It is not a simple process to manage all of this data that is stored in multiple databases.

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