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Unit numbers incomplete in Scoutbook Forums list

When I look at the list of forums I can access in the Scoutbook Forums, I have two unit forums at the top of the list… which both bear the same unit number. I can’t tell which one is which from the forum listing. There’s a unique 6-digit number on the end of each, but I’ve no idea which number goes with which unit. One of them is a boy unit, and one is a girl unit, but they share a unit number. There’s no B or G in the name in the forum, so I can’t tell them apart.

Of course, I can go into Scoutbook and hit the forums link there while looking at that unit and that gets me to the correct one, but it just seems like another place they missed adding the designators for boy or girl units.


What are your council and unit numbers? I’ll look into the problem and report it to the team that supports creating unit forums.

Council 781 Troop 0146 (B & G)


Thank you. I have captured the information I need for the developers. I can manually rename the categories for you if you can tell me which is which. Is 36* the B or G troop?

Looks like the one with 36* is the G troop, the one with 17* is the B troop.

B and G added to the category names. Please verify this looks correct to you.

Looks good!

It changed right before my eyes while I had the forum list open, that was fun. :slight_smile:


I did double-check and the links from Scoutbook still go to the correct place, too (was hoping the name change didn’t break those).

Thank you. I only changed the name, not the URL :smiley:

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