Unit Payment Logs sub accounts

It would be very helpful if the Unit Payment log would support subaccounts or improved reporting of specific categories. For example, if a unit wants to set aside money in a campership fund or training fund, they would want at least some easy way to report the current balance when asked. Currently, you would have to use a category and then export all transactions, export to csv, then sort through all of the data to tally up the items/deposits. Hopefully this makes sense and more reporting options for Payment Logs will help everyone to better utilize the system.

When the latest changes were being developed, that was on my wishlist but was told BSA does not intend to do this.

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Too bad! We would like to track the “unit account” at the scout office and this would help that.

@GaryFeutz If the developers don’t want to add sub accounts, which his very disappointing, can we at least ask for improved reporting? The Payment Log report does not have enough filters. I would like to see a “Name or Description” filter, “Category” filter, and a “Charge or Payment” filter.

The addition of these filters would greatly help units find the information they may need without exporting a CSV file every time they need something specific.

Also, how would Scouters like myself (and hopefully others) convey the need to add sub account functionality to the Unit Payment Log? I understand that this forum is the primary means, but if someone was to send an email or petition, who would they send it to? The Unit Payment Log was a great first step, but there certainly needs to be more features for most Troops to use it. My Pack has just started to use it, but my Troop would not be able to use it due to the lack of sub accounts. Like @Matt.Johnson mentioned, a lot of units use an account at their council office for recharter fees and advancement. Currently they can’t track that reasonably. My Troop has multiple sub accounts for various purposes and it is helpful to be able to quickly look at the balance and know how much can be allocated to a particular purpose. I am not a programmer by any means, but I can’t imagine that it is a huge stretch to add sub accounts within the existing base structure.

That is my rant and two cents on this topic. Thank you for all your efforts @GaryFeutz. The unit pay logs would probably not have happened had you not already created that functionality in your extension.

The escalation path for feature requests in Scoutbook is via your Council professional staff, however, keep in mind that unless the request is something critical to the Council, it may not get much traction.


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