Unmark "completed" for award?

My son’s Nova mentor accidentally marked completed for the 2018 Cub Scout Supernova instead of the 2022 requirements. I was able to unmark each individual item, but not the check mark at the top that marks the whole award as completed. Neither she nor I can unmark the top completed check mark (she has “full control” connections for my son and I am a Key 3 with full control for our whole Pack). Is there a different way to undo this?

I believe only Council can do that as it is a restricted item @KatieFischer1

Even though she only marked it as “completed” and not as “approved” or “awarded”?

it is only completed? Have you tried to just erase the date

Yes, we both tried to erase the date and it is grayed out

No that is locked - the version really does not matter - council would have to send in a National Membercare ticket to address this

Have you checked with Council if they are even offering the supernovas anymore - not all are.

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