Supernova Certificate

To begin, I want to apologize as I could not find a category for my issue. My Scout has completed and was approved for the Dr. Luis W. Alvarez Supernova Award. I was told that all aspects of this award, medal, certificate, etc. has been removed from the Scout Shops and can be obtained from third party vendors. I was able to get the medal, however; no one is able to tell me how to obtain the certificate. I have asked just about everyone including the vendors that I was sent to and there hasn’t been an adequate response. Where can I get the certificate? Additionally, if BSA is not participating, then please remove the ability for these awards to be obtained. This is very disheartening.


The Nova and Supernova awards were turned over to the Councils. It is up to each Council to decide if they want to participate and to procure the awards. I suggest asking your Cojncil professional staff for assistance.

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There is at least one Nova/Supernova Facebook group. You might also try there.

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