Preferred method of Tracking Advancements?

Our Pack previously used Scoutbook to track advancements, run reports and provide that information to the BSA. When I went into to run reports in September we received a message that we would need to import reports to IA 2.0 from now on. Our committee chair took that to mean Scout Book so she uploaded our pack information to Scout book, but it states you can not use Scout Book to upload monthly advancements. As it is now November I have 2 months worth of advancements from Scouttrack to upload to IA 2.0. I just uploaded September’s, but then I saw a message in Scout book that you shouldn’t use both Scoutbook and IA 2.0 at the same time. My question is will what I upload into IA 2.0 feed over to Scout book? If yes, then I’ll just make sure once everything is uploaded to IA 2.0 we just use Scout book going forward. If the answer is no, then does anyone have a recommendation for which site we should use and how to get the most up to date information in there from one system to another? I’m trying to avoid a lot of manual work as well as get this done quickly so we can get the new information out to the Leaders.

Little confused @LisaVanatta

  1. Does you unit use Scouttrack to track advancements?
  2. Did you used to do this in Scoutbook instead?

If #1 “yes” then you would upload their report at

If you want to use standard Scoutbook, then you can just use Scoutbook, might be easier to upload the Scouttrack report to get it up to date first.

Sorry. We used to use ScoutTrack, but obviously need to move to a new system. Can we use either one (meaning ScoutBook or IA2.0)? Just not both? I’m worried that my committee chair uploaded our roster to Scout Book before all the advancements were up to date in Scout Track (so prior to her bring the roster over). If we choose to go to Scout Book can I reupload the roster and overlay what’s in there now?

OK National put your roster in both. If you used Scouttrack you and your parents will probably like Scoutbook better - as they can see progress there. I think the fastest way is to find the scouttrack report to upload and have Key 3 or unit advancement chair log into to upload the report. Then your Key 3 can log into to start setting up the unit.

Take a look at for information and videos as well

Perfect!. That’s what I was planning on doing, but was nervous that wasn’t correct. Thank you for confirming!

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