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While you think it may help, repeating posts about known issues actually slows things down. Bugs are tracked by BSA IT. Every time we get a “new” report of an issue that has been reported multiple times, the SUAC (all volunteers) needs to go through the existing bugs to see if it has been previously reported. This causes extra work for the SUAC. These duplicate reports do not go back to the developers unless we have previously announced the issue was fixed in the Scoutbook Change Log and the report is telling us it was not fixed.

Official communication will be coming soon about the status of the calendar. I do not expect the SB calendar will be shut off next week as the original announcement stated. Please be patient. The limited IT staff and the volunteer SUAC are doing our best to get you a working calendar and not impact unit operations.


Understood - is there a way to “+1” issues to help convey scope/impact? IME repeated reports are the only way things actually get addressed. Smaller numbers are more difficult to identify issues b/c you may have user error or 1 off permission/duplicate account/whatever issues.

We evaluate EVERY bug report to determine how widespread it is. In many cases the SUAC reproduces the bug on the test system. If we have trouble reproducing a bug we ask for more information. There is no need for multiple reports. We have a VERY good feel fro what users are experiencing and can quickly determine how much impact any bug may have.

While the BSA does take input from the SUAC on how to prioritize issues in the backlog, it is the BSA that makes the final decision.

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(I asked this in another thread as well)
Is there a list of reported bugs? I would be happy to search a list before I submitted a report of an issue I have noted. That would save SUAC a lot of work.

The forum has a search feature. I recommend using that.

@DeborahBennett - all you are doing now is generating noise.

Are you a member of the SUAC?

@DeborahBennett - no i am not, just a volunteer who reads the forum posts.

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