Create Event on the Date selected

When creating an event, it doesn’t matter what date is selected on the calendar, the Event Date is going to default to today’s date.

To replicate:

  • Select a Date (big calendar or small calendar on the side).
  • Create an Event
  • Date in the event will be defaulted to today’s date and time.


This is a known issue and in the development backlog.

Sorry, didn’t see it on search.

Is there anyway to pin a running tally of the backlog? I know that’s a lot of work for SUAC but if everyone can see if it’s been reported, they would be less likely to report it again.


The BSA does not make the backlog public. Responding to posts that something is in the backlog is the best we can do.


I understand BSA doesn’t publicly share their backlog.

My suggestion is, when you (or a volunteer at SUAC) read a topic and (after determining it is a bug) go into the ticket tracking software to log the bug also log it into a forum topic as well.

That way everyone knows, when you’ve added it to the topic, it’s been added to the BSA log and everyone can check there if they need to create a new bug report.

This has been requested before by other users (including me). Reading between the lines of some of the responses, there’s been direction not to do this from the BSA side. I suspect that a lot of the members of the SUAC would not oppose such an idea (although they’re carefully vague on the issue), but at a certain point, there’s too much duplication of the volunteer work. If another non-SUAC volunteer decided to maintain such a list, we’d have to see if the BSA would insist that it be taken down or not. I don’t have that kind of time, unfortunately.

I still like the idea of a publicly-viewable bug list, but I don’t see the BSA response changing unless we can convince enough of our council professionals (meaning enough councils, not just a large enough number in any given council) to push the issue with nationals. Even then, I suspect that the councils will also get the “not going to happen” response. I think it’s bad policy, but the BSA hasn’t listened to me yet, so I’m not holding my breath. :^)

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SUAC does not create Stories - we report things - BSA makes a story if they choose to and SUAC does not always know it happens.



I may try to make a list then (it has crossed my mind to just do it). The main problem is these posts closing in 7 days. That in itself is a whole other issue but it would be difficult for me (or any other standard member) to create a running list with such a limit.


The BSA will not permit a list of bugs to be posted in these forums, even if it done by someone other than staff or a member of the SUAC.


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