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Using naked scoutbook.com redirects to generic landing page

Hello, starting this morning I have been having an issue accessing Scoutbook by pointing my brower to scoutbook.com. Doing so redirects me to a generic domain landing page (http://comingsoon.markmonitor.com/).

I can still access scoutbook by pointing my browser to www.scoutbook.com (note the inclusion of “www.”). I hope whoever manages the DNS of Scoutbook will make it accessible/re-enable access via the naked domain.

This behavior has been intermittent for me today as well. I just assumed it was DNS poisoning, or something similar, and figured somebody above my pay grade (e.g. my ISP) had to resolve it. I get to www.scoutbook.com about half the time from the “bare” scoutbook.com, when entered in my browser’s URL bar. Not sure this is something that the BSA’s team can do anything about.


Same here. It was my go to method.

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