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Awards/MB/Rank report

Hi everyone, I hope you and your families are doing well. I have the need to run a report that show the date that all rank, awards and MB where awareded to all Scouts. I want to use this date for the last three years to build my awards budget for 2021. I spent about 30 minutes working with the report builder, but I wasn’t able to run such a report.

Is there a “out of the box” report that I may not be aware of? Is there a way to figure this out? Earlier this year, we stop updating TroopTrack, so I can’t use it to run the report, so I am hoping Scoutbook has a similar functionality.

Thank you in advanced.

I would probably do a full advancement export using My Dashboard -> My Units -> Export/Backup -> Advancement

to CSV, then import to Excel for data processing (adding in costs, etc).

ETA: This must be done by someone who is a Unit Admin, if I recall correctly.

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If you are a Troop Admin in Scoutbook, one way would be to go to your main troop page and:

Export / Backup -> Advancement

This will give you a csv file that you can open in a spreadsheet program like Excel. Open the file and turn filters on.

In the “Advancement Type” field you will only want: Award, Merit Badge, and Rank.

In the “Advancement” field you can filter out the Cub Scout ranks like Bobcat, etc.

In the “Approved” field, filter based on the number 1, which means the item has been Approved.

Then you can sort based on “Date Completed”, “MarkedCompletedDate”, “LeaderApprovedDate”, or “AwardedDate”, whichever works best for you.


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