Need help getting started with Report Builder

Hey all,

I’m a newly installed Advancement Chair for our Troop. I didn’t get any training on Internet Advancement or reports before the previous chair left. I could use some help with the following:

How do I find the Report Builder? Is that where I can make custom reports? I can’t seem to find a path to a place where I can create a report, only ways to find and run previous reports.

I am an admin in Scoutbook and can access Reports and Internet Advancement…just no place to find the Builder. Any help would be much appreciated!


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Hi, @JulianFlores,

I generally recommend that folks new to Scoutbook and IA2 take a look at the various help files at

In particular, I’d recommend these for unit scouters getting started with Scoutbook:

and this one for parents getting started with Scoutbook:

Depending on how your permissions are set, you should see Report Builder here:

Scoutbook → My Dashboard → Administration → My Units → Unit # → Unit Reports → Report Builder Manager

Report Builder Manager is typically good for creating, saving and sharing custom advancement reports, although there is other information that can be listed there as well. Roster Builder Manager can be used for similar sorts of tasks related to roster-type information.

You can find more on both by searching on their names at the help wiki I listed above.

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Thank you @CharleyHamilton! Good news that I have reviewed a number of the resources your just posted but it’s a good reminder to review what I haven’t.

Ok, so my problem may be a permissions issue.

I followed this pathway per your suggestion:
Scoutbook → My Dashboard → Administration → My Units → Unit # → Unit Reports → Report Builder Manager

But when I land on the Report Builder Manager, I can’t do anything. I’ve attached a screenshot. New Report is not clickable. Is this a permissions issue?

Thank you!

@JulianFlores - click on scouts BSA And see if that works


“New Report” is a report header.

You need to click on “Scouts BSA” to create a new report.


OMG, I can’t believe the issue might be that simple. I was on my laptop last night and for whatever reason wasn’t able to click but on my desktop now…looks like it works!

Thanks to all! I may need a little help still before closing this out.


Ok, so I haven’t come across the different rank “versions” until now. I have report built but seeing it separated out by rank version is very confusing. Is there a way to collapse the multiple versions into one view or any guidance on how to deal with versions?

For Scouts BSA rank requirements, all Scouts should be on the most current version (year).

For more information:

In order to change the version year for rank requirements, go to a [Scout]'s Advancement page in Scoutbook, then:

Click on the lowest rank that has not been marked as completed yet.
Click on the 2022 version year (in some cases, you might only see one version year)
Then check the other ranks.

(Please note that changes to merit badge requirements are handled differently.)

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@JenniferOlinger this is super helpful, thank you! I think once we do that, I can really make some effective reports.

Really appreciate all the help, all! Will likely close this out soon.

…for all ranks they haven’t already completed. Keep in mind that some scouts may still show up on the earlier ranks if they already completed them.


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