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Venturing participant shows as adult in Events

We have a Venturing Participant (youth over 18) in our Crew who shows correctly as youth when inviting members to an event, but once the event is saved, she appears alongside the adults in the RSVP portion and not in the youth section.

We have other Venturing Participants who show up correctly in the youth section. I’ve looked closely at her account and can’t find anything different that would make her display incorrectly.

Any ideas on fixing this?

Does this individual have an adult position in another program?

Not that I know of, but I will ask her. Thanks for the suggestion.

Posting to keep topic open until ticket closed, to share the response.

Scoutbook support replied and said they are aware of the issue and said I could look at the change log to see when it was fixed, but they didn’t say why it was occurring, or what in the change log would indicate it was fixed.

@jacobfetzer Yes, it turns out she IS dual registered. She’s a Venturer (youth) with us and an adult leader (ASM) with a Troop.


As the author of most of the change logs for Scoutbook, I can tell you it will be listed in the Bugs section (top portion) on the day the fix is released. I try to be as descriptive as possible without being too technical or wordy in describing the problem.

Kind of an interesting question - almost seems right to show them in adult section since they are to act and be treated as adults as opposed to youth

@DonovanMcNeil, as the Venturers are 14 - 20, the 18 - 20 year olds are in between for Scouting. I’m using the term “youth” to try and keep it simple, but using the proper terminology, we have “youth participants” (14 - 17) and "adult participants (18 - 20).

If they’re dual-registered in a Troop (or Pack) they’re adults in that unit. For registration, they have to complete an adult app, take YPT and sign the background check forms.

But from the perspective of Scoutbook, they have youth roles (advancement, awards, membership), and show up on the “Scout side” of the roster. There’s also a bug that seems to be age related that keeps the “adult participants” from messaging other crew members, but we just found that.

For RSVP purposes, it’s easiest for the Venturers to look at the adult section to see if we have the proper number of adults (registered, over 21) going to an event. We have multiple Venturers over 18 but only one shows up in the adult section, so @jacobfetzer probably figured it out when asking if she’s in another unit as an adult. She is, so that probably throws things off a little on the programming side.

I can’t imagine all the variables the Scoutbook programming team has to consider in developing functions and handling things like this. Up until I was involved with Venturing, 18 was “adult.” Period. But now, 18 is adult, if Cubs or Scouts BSA, but not if Venturing, but a person could be both or multiple…

And yes, we try to treat them more like adults, as long as they allow us adults to act a little like kids every now and then. :wink:

Thanks, @edavignon and the rest of the SUAC. I’ve subscribed to the updates post.

I believe in some official documentation sees “Young Adult”. This, to me, is a good thing. This half youth and half adult has made things pretty complicated. While adding a third category can make things a bit more complicated, it does make things “easier” in that they are now officially a third category. This third category can have its own defined set of rules. For example, “Young Adults” are adults YTP wise with youth, but aren’t adults YTP wise for “counting” as two deep leadership.

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