Youth member cannot maintain crew calendar in Scoutbook

I have a youth member of my Venturing crew–technically a 20 year old adult participant–who I would like to maintain our calendar in Scoutbook. He does not have this level of access, and I do not see how to add it.

Any tips?

Can you give him calendar editor? That works for Scouts under 18. Since he is older than 18, you may need to make him an admin, assuming you can.

Well, this is interesting. I do not see way to add that functional role to anyone in any of my units.

I assume that is done through the user’s Membership area. For youth, I can only add plain old membership to a unit. I cannot add any roles that grant privileges in the unit.

For adults, I can add them to positions that correspond to BSA-recognized positions (e.g., Associate Advisor, Assistant Scoutmaster, Committee Member) and two functional roles, Troop Admin or Patrol Admin. There is no “calendar editor” role available.

Example adult member in a troop:

For an adult participant (>18 yo youth member) in my Venturing crew, I can use this Add button to add him as a member to some other unit, but I am not presented with an option to add him to any functional role in this unit:

I get the same experience for a <18 yo youth in my troop.

Isn’t calendar editor listed under positions of responsibility, rather than membership?

For youth you use the Leadership tab - I see it on all of my units - Calendar Editor

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@DonovanMcNeil So is this an adult participant bug? Shouldn’t they be able to be at least an admin (if it is not possible to make them a calendar editor)?

Participant is not a registered adult - it is a registered over age youth - they would not be an admin

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Thanks everyone. I was in the wrong tab. The Calendar Editor role is indeed available in the Leadership area for this member.

For clarity, if you’re in Venturing and are ages 18-20, you’re registered as an adult using the adult application with position code VP, which is for a legal adult as a youth member.


Scoutbook treats Venturing Participants and Unit Participants the same as youth.

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Correct. That was not the issue. My issue is I was looking in Membership and not Leadership to find the functional role.

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