Venturing particant that is 18 now and i can't locate him in scoutbook?

Hi we have a crew that shows on My. Scouting on the councils end but not on the units end. The venturing Participant 134469166 ( over 18 ) no longer shows as a scout, another
136210632 that just turned 18 ( this week)but is listed as a youth member. None show up on units end and have disappeared in scout book. Any idea of what is happening?

Council registrars can see records of people who are no longer registered members of BSA, so they have the ability to see people that units can’t. The council registrar should be able to tell if the person has a current membership in a unit, and, if so, what their registration expiration date is.

Converting someone from a youth member to a venturing participant isn’t something that happens automatically at the 18th birthday. The person needs to do an adult application (and take YPT), because the adult application asks for background check information that isn’t required for the youth application.

I have requested a position sync in Scoutbook. If he does not show up on the crew roster tomorrow, you might need your local council to submit a help ticket to National.

This one is still registered as a youth. She should be registered as an adult or your can end her youth position in Scoutbook.