Venturing rank requirements missing Territory event types

The activity list for the rank requirements for Discovery, Pathfinder and Summit ranks are missing Territory as an option from the requirement text.

@RobertMckeever what is a specific example?

1a for Discovery for example:

“Participate in at least two Tier II or Tier III adventures at the crew, district, council, area, regional, or national level.”

Do Territories still exist? it matches the published requirements - Discovery Rank | Boy Scouts of America

Territories are the current structure, yes. They mirror the National Service Territories. Each has its own Venturing Officers Association. I believe they replaced Areas.

knew it was one or the other - BUT this is how the requirements are published - that is something for Venturers to figure out.

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Master BSA changes being made without updating all affected areas? Heck of an oversight.

Venture controls their ranks (awards) not BSA

Venturing - not Venture - is a BSA program.


As Donovan said, Scoutbook is required to follow the official requirements which have not yet been updated to replace area and region with territory. We will ask the BSA Venturing folks to clarify the requirements. I would say from a practical perspective, Scouts can use territory events in place of area or region for all of the ranks, despite what Scoutbook says. This would fall under the category of not punishing youth for the errors of adults.

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