Venturing structure in the advancement section shows "awards" vice "rank" in CT unit dashboard for crews

I don’t have permissions in the actual commissioner forum (ADC here) so posting this here, since it is the app/site itself with the error.

When viewing the unit dashboard for any Venturing crew in our district, it gives the Venturing Ranks still as “awards” in the advancement section. This is the same in a web browser and in the blue Scouting app Commissioner Tools section.

It also does not appear to show all YTD Venturing advancement - at least one of my crews it shows 2 for Venturing rank when they had 4 achieve it. This may have something to do with which membership is considered primary among them but that’s another topic entirely. More concerned about the labels being updated to represent the current Venturing program.

The downloadable advancement report generates with AWARD also, and not RANK.

Not sure why the ranks are out of order, with the first rank showing last, both in CT and on the external report.

If the correction is on the to-do list already, great. For the number of years it has been since the change in nomenclature, I am surprised it still is the old way. Yet derivative changes can go unnoticed. Hence my saying something.

@RobertMckeever I would recommend that you contact your local council and ask them to submit a help ticket to National on your behalf.

Just so I know that this isn’t totally a black hole, do you know of items submitted this way that actually get acted upon? I know you are just letting us know the process as directed, but has the process been used successfully?

@Matt.Johnson Yes, I have used it successfully. However, it doesn’t guarantee that they will implement every suggestion.

Understood. I just wanted to make sure someone has had success before I take the time and the council takes the time to submit. Good ideas at least have >0% chance!

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I would say be very clear and specific about what you are requesting. And including pictures can help, too.

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There are also Scoutbook errors in the the references within the Venturing Ranks that still refer to them as awards - Discovery 6, 7, and 9 for example; also Pathfinder 3, 4a, and 5 and Summit 3, 4a, 5, 7, and 8. This should be an editorial fix and not require additional bureaucracy to approve. But I will pass this request on as well.

@RobertMckeever If you see errors in Scoutbook, you can post those in the Scoutbook bugs forum.

Thank you - I have posted over there with screenshots highlighting the “award” where “rank” should be.

If you are lucky enough to be able to discover the right council contact, there may be hope. I have not yet found that contact for my council, despite multiple attempts to find out.

It is frustrating that simple things like this request dealing with broader program changes BSA made years ago have to go to this extent to get corrected. But at least this forum does exist and someone is reading here, even if they can’t do anything about it themselves. I am appreciative of their efforts.

@RobertMckeever - would this help

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