Venturing Advancement as reported in CT unit dashboard missing recent ranks

I have a unit that had two Discovery Rank boards of review last weekend. The ranks show up in Scoutbook and IA as approved/recorded. But they do not translate to the Commissioner Tools unit dashboard advancement section, even though individual participants missing ranks will show up on the advancement report accessible from the CT Unit Dashboard, and they do not show up in the Roster/Venturing Advancement Report district detail version.

Youth with Discovery rank dates in May 2024 that do not appear in the aggregate:

This error made me wonder how inaccurate the district-wide Venturing advancement report is, and whether other crews have data not aggregated.

Report as referenced above:

It is worth noting that the CT page now shows them updated as Ranks, while Roster/Report shows them as Awards still. But it appears to be the same dataset in both places. Will assume other places still as awards are in the backlog.

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