Venturing Awards Showing as "Needs Approval"

Our Venturer who earned Venturing ranks before the transition from awards to ranks now constantly show as needing approval for the awards.

Clicking the Venturer from the report launches a blank screen unless there are other items pending approval.

I have verified that the ranks in question have been marked as both approved and awarded, but they still appear.

This appears to be happening for our Venturers who earned Discovery before the change as well.

@JonahMay post BSA # and we can look


@JonahMay so the date is when it was an award - but approval after it was a rank?

I believe they were all approved and awarded while still the award. We just can’t get them to disappear from the “Needs Approval” report now, which is confusing some of our newer leaders.

Have you tried approving one?

It is turned into developers

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