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No longer able to view troop roster

I have several new scouts whom I cannot view. With the exception of these newer scouts, I can view everyone else.
It was recommended to someone else with a similar issue to go to the roster, click their name, then position and update.
I did that and now all I can see when bringing up the troop is the list of patrols. If I click on the patrol, I can see the Scouts, but previously (and when logging into the Pack) I would see the links for Troop Roster, Send Message, Quick Entry, Troop Reports, Export/Backup and Edit Troop. Those links are no longer showing under the Patrols.
Any idea if following the above suggestion may have caused this, and if so, how do I reverse/correct it?


Are you a Key 3 member (Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, Charter Org Rep) or a Unit Admin in Scoutbook? Are you logging in with your ID and password?

I am a unit admin with the pack, but not the troop. I am an ASM with the troop. Up until the other day I was able to see all of the same things regardless of which unit’s page I was on. I have used the send message feature several times with the troop, sending reminders about upcoming activities.
Not sure why those items I mentioned are no longer there on the troop page.

It sounds like a Troop Admin needs to reset your connection to all Scouts in the troop with at least View Profile or higher.

Thanks, taken care of at last night’s troop meeting.

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