Was Edit Extended Information removed/disabled?

When I click on Edit Extended Information for a scout in my unit, whether coming directly from my Dashboard (for my son) or via the troop roster (for my son or others I tested), I get a screen that just shows: “Please use edit profile to edit scout information.” I tested it out for several scouts, and I get the same behavior.

Is this the expected behavior? I couldn’t find an announcement in the Scoutbook Change Logs that all of the Edit Extended Information information had been moved to the main Edit Profile page. If so, why not just remove the Edit Extended Information button (or have an error message that says more explicitly that the Edit Extended Information feature has been removed and is now entirely located at Edit Profile?

ETA: I am a Scoutbook Unit Admin and Key 3 Delegate, all showing as current.

It is expected behavior of there’s nothing shown in that page. For example, they may have already been invited to connect.

@jacobfetzer - on my scouts is says please use edit profile to edit scout info…

That was a bad example because you would only see it on your own child. The webelos scouts would see the working towards toggle, and a venturer sees the scouts bsa advancement toggle.

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Hunh. OK. That seems like a kinda obscure (to the user) way to manage it, since a user can’t readily tell what’s supposed to be there if it’s effectively “blank”.

I guess it’s not a bug, just an inadequately-documented (IMHO) feature.

ETA: I guess it looks odd because, as a unit admin/K3D, I wouldn’t see the ability to invite a scout to connect (if I’m not their parent/guardian) and unless they happen to be in a crew, I wouldn’t see the “Scouts BSA” toggle. Not being at the pack level, the “Working towards…” toggle would be missing, too.

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