Parent cannot "Edit Extended Information" on scout with account


We just switched to ScoutBook and we’re trying to get Scout accounts setup. I have two parents that cannot Edit Extended Info, per the Parent Guide. When they click on the button, they get “Please use edit profile to edit scout information.”

The boys set up accounts this summer when they went to Sea Base. I suspect that’s part of the problem. Even if the boys can log in to SB, they’re not on our “Send Messages” email list. How do we make them email-able?

Scouts in question are 130107987, 130889907, and 130646313.

Thank you.

@BrianCarter2 None of these Scouts have ever logged in to Scoutbook.

Ask them to log in to Scoutbook with their my.scouting username and password at least once, and then they will be on the e-mail list.

Thank you. Would you add that to the guide so we know to expect that if the boy already has an account?

Could you post the url to the guide you are referring to?

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