All Info Deleted on Scoutbook for Account


I am looking for some technical assistance with Scoutbook. I turned 18 in December 2020, and, as such, I am a new MB Counselor. For the past few months, I have been going through an unresolved problem on Scoutbook where I cannot link with any Scouts to enter their Blue Card information. We think that this might have been an issue because of our troop’s recharter process, plus we changed districts. Nevertheless, I went on Scoutbook today for the first time in about a month, and I saw that I finally am listed as a MB Counselor (before I was still listed as a Youth). However, it still said that I do not have edit permission/ links with any Scouts. I refreshed the page, and suddenly everything was seemingly gone. Now, my personal information is still there, but when I click on My Dashboard → Administration, I do not see anything besides “My Account.” Before, I at least saw my Troop and could browse through the list of Scouts. Now, there’s nothing. Does anyone have any advice/ recommendations? Thanks!

Merit Badge Counselor is a district position, not a unit position. You won’t be included into a roster. You have to connect to scouts individually or they have to connect to you.

There is a video and information on the process at How Merit Badge Counselors (MBCs) can Connect to Scouts for Merit Badges (SB) | Scoutbook Knowledge Base (

Yes SB is functioning correctly as you have no unit registration. That said a unit could add you to SB currently as you do HAVE a registered position.


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