Weather Merit Badge Requirement 9b

When completing a Scout’s Weather MB 9b to complete the “Do ONE of the following” for 9, it wouldn’t allow me to complete the MB until I selected 9a too. Is there something possibly wrong with the code that doesn’t allow for 9 to be checked off unless it was 9a?

I was able to reproduce an erroneous percentage complete by marking: 1-8, 9b, 10b, 11 complete as of today. It shows 85% complete. I haven’t tested other combinations of requirements/dates.

However, as a leader, I can work around the error by entering the date completed. Click on the empty box at “Percent Completed”. Enter a date in the “Date Completed” box. With a date in there equal to or later than the latest requirement completed, it shows the badge as complete.

I have reproduced this issue and notified the developers.

The workaround is to click on Percent Complete and enter a date when the Scout has finished all requirements, even if Scoutbook does not say it is 100% complete.

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