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Radio Merit Badgee Won't show as 100% Complete

Maybe it’s just more rare for a Scout to complete the #9b subheading in the Radio Merit Badge so it hasn’t been user tested…

When I go in and enter every requirement completion date with youth having done the radio Broadcasting portion, the system only shows that it’s 71% complete when in reality it’s 100% completed.

Can you open a ticket and see how to fix this glitch? I’m giving kids physical Blue Cards for now but want Scoutbook to accurately reflect the work they did over the past month.

Thank you!

As a work-around, you should be able to click on the box next to “Percent Completed” and mark the badge as complete by adding a date completed and your counselor approval.

That’s my current work around. Our Unit just likes to be detailed completionists and it was just an odd quirk that I hope that the Scoutbook devs figure out how to solve.

I’m not arguing it shouldn’t be addressed by support, per se. Just suggesting an electronic alternate to issuing the physical cards. Once marked the way I suggested, the behavior should be the same as if it auto-completed as expected.

I bet it is the logic on that #9

@CoreyAnnKhan - I cannot reproduce this - you are using 9(b)? was this manual entry, quick entry?

Manual Entry on Scoutbook web browser on mobile

manual for each individual item? or did you use the quick fill feature?

Manual for each individual item (as each kid did the work at a different pace).

Screenshot_20200709-123456_Samsung Internet|243x500

For some reason first pic didn’t load right

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